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MMA and Boxing
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Fight Specific Training
We offer extensive physical fitness personal training focusing on Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.  The
training focuses on being sport specific to help improve techniques for these combat sports.  The training focuses on core/trunk
stabilization, balance, coordination, flexibility, trunk/hip rotation, explosiveness, speed, agility, reflexes, and technique specific movements.  
This is achieved through he use of prowler sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, stability
balls/discs/boards, Bosu ball, resistance weights, vests, belts, parachutes  Bodyweight drills, fight drills, interval/ circuit training, and much
more.  Professional MMA conditioning, and Boxing conditioning.

Training to fight requires your basic strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, but you also have to train outside the box to properly
prepare for such unpredictable activities.  We will teach you alternate training methods to improve your performance and prepare for
competition.  We don't teach you to fight, we just teach you how to be stronger, faster, and more prepared for your fight.

No Excuses, We Come To You- We can even bring everything needed right to you,  wherever you are, throughout NY/ NJ, and
surrounding areas.  

The Challenging and Personalized Training we provide, will lead to:  

  • Stronger/ faster punches, kicks, and knees,
  • More effective and explosive takedowns/ defense,
  • Quicker footwork and coordination,
  • Greater flexibility for stand up and ground fighting,
  • Better balance on your feet and on the ground
  • Increased reflexes, reactions, and range of motion
  • More disciplined defense and awareness
Better Conditioning/ Cardio
We Don't Train You 2 Fight,
We Train You 2 Fight Harder
Fight Harder, Faster, Longer
Official Sponsor of
UFC Fighter Joe Lauzon
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Balance and Stability
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Core Strength and

We have a team of highly skilled, Nationally Certified Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors.  We fully
understand the strenuous demands of today's athlete, especially in the fight game.  You need to train like you play,
and improve movements and muscles specific to the activity you are competing in, in this case Fighting.  You need
to constantly change methods to trick and shock your body, to force it to adapt and overcome all obstacles in an
unstable environment.  It's the attention to detail, and the finer points of training that makes the difference.  We are
dedicated and passionate about what we do,

These training techniques can be highly beneficial to anyone including:

  • Professional Fighters
  • Amateur Fighters
  • MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Submission Fighting
  • Anyone looking for new training techniques
  • Beginner to Advanced Fitness Enthusiast
  • Someone looking to shock their Body with a different style of training
  • Everyone looking to get in better shape,
  • Leaner and Meaner, Faster and Stronger
Adapt and
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Kick Faster
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Speed and Agility
Boot Camp Rockland County, Lose weight get in shape
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233 W. Rt. 59
Nanuet, NY 10954
Rockland County
Steve Eckert
Peak Physique Fitness Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley , New York , 10977 United States

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Client Testimonials
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Rashid training for his MMA fight, Boxing in Rockland County
Peak Performance
Peak Potential
Peak Physique
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Dave Eckert, mma fight nj, kickboxing and mma conditioning workout, with boxing trainer in rockland county
Gracie Jiu Jitsu Invitational tournament, John Sivori Winner
Jiu jitsu seminar with Dean Lister, ufc fighter, MMA in Rockland
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MMA Strength and conditioning seminar
John winning his professional MMA Fight
"As a coach of both amateur and
professional MMA fighters I highly
recommend both Steve and Eva
from Peak Physique Fitness
Center. MMA is one of the most
physically demanding sports and
Steve has been an important
component of fight preparation for
several of my fighters. In MMA
without conditioning technique falls
apart and Steve has made sure
some of my guys have been in the
best shape possible. I can not give
the crew at Peak Physique a high
enough recommendation."

Phil Dunlap
Head Coach
Advanced Fighting Systems
Team Asylum
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MMA Knockout, Rashid after mma fight in Atlantic City
Boxing and Martial arts Conditioning, MMA in Rockland County
Punch Harder
 mma fighter head coach,  mma fight gym, mma conditioning training
UFC Fighter Corey Hill
Photos from MMA Strength and Conditioning seminar in Atlantic City, NJ.  Dean Lister was doing some hands on grappling techniques and submissions.  The middle
photo is with
Boston, MA Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Kearns ( Trainer of UFC Fighters Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Alex Karalexis, George Gurgel).  Picture
to the right was an MMA strength and flexibility class with participants, UFC Fighters Jim Miller, Dante Rivera, and Shonie Carter.  Overall the convention and Expo was
great, and we learned many new training tips, techniques, protocols, and secrets of the trade.  Peak Physique trainers are always adding new tools to the toolbox, in order
to achieve the greatest possible results for all our Combat Sports Conditioning athletes.  MMA is an always evolving sport, and so is the strength and conditioning for MMA
UFC 87 After Party after Joe Lauzon's Big Win.
Rashid Evans after 10 second
Knockout in Atlantic City, NJ
John Sivori after placing First in Gracie
Invitational Submission Grappling Tournament
in the UFC cage after mma knockout victory
Their Hands aren't being raised for no reason,
Peak Physique Conditioning leads to VICTORY
Focus and Intensity
Rashid Wins in
MMA Fight in
By Knockout
Rashid finishing opponent with punches, mma training in Rockland County
Boxing drills on heavy bag, during Boxing class in rockland county ny, kickboxing classes

"In the combat sports, conditioning is
paramount. At Peak Physique,  
conditioning is their specialty. Their
program elevated my game to the next
level and enabled me to fight longer
and harder. The dedicated staff at
Peak Physique will design a program
that is tailored to your needs to ensure
you peak when the bell rings.
Whether your sport is MMA, boxing, or
submission wrestling, the individualized
program at Peak Physique will bring
your game to the next level."

John Sivori
Professional MMA Fighter
Staff Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
Pro mma fighter John Sivori, mma conditioning workouts, Boxing, Boot Camp classes
Explosive Power
MMA conditiong, weight loss workouts
MMA conditioning, Boxing classes in rockland county
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Boxing counter punching drills with partner, group kickboxing class in Nanuet NY
MMA and boxing cardio fight conditioning with battle ropes in Nanuet NY
August 25, 2016

Free Boxing/Boot Camp, High Intensity Class. Every Thursday Night at 615pm

February 10, 2016

Group Fitness Training Classes
Wednesday PM- Boxing/ Kickboxing Circuit Training 615pm, Boot Camp Strength Conditioning 715pm.
Thursday morning- Boot Camp 6am
Peak Physique Personal Training and Weight Loss in Nanuet, NY - Rockland County.

November 30, 2015

To get the most out of your interval training try the following:

Add Resistance. Between sets of cardio do a set with dumbbells, resistance bands or with your body weight.
Increase Speed. Really push yourself during the sprinting intervals. Remember, it's only a handful of seconds.
Lengthen Intervals. Add a few seconds to your intense intervals.
Change Exercises. If you've been sprinting then switch to burpees or high knees.

September 30, 2015
Almost every new client comes to me with the desire to lose fat – for a variety of reasons. The most prevailing reason that I hear is that they want to look more fit and attractive
as a result of the fat loss.

Maybe losing fat in order to look better is a strong enough motivator for you, but I’ve found that most people need something more compelling. My experience with helping my
clients achieve their fat loss goals has really opened my eyes to exactly what they gain when they lose the extra weight.

My hope is that by reading the 5 Big Benefits of Fat Loss below, you’ll feel the driving motivation that you need to jump into fitness with both feet, and that you’ll find out just how
amazing and capable you’ve been to achieve your goal all along.

Big Benefit #1: Confidence

You may not consider it a concrete benefit, but that doesn’t stop confidence from being one of the most important perks of dropping fat. When you have increased confidence,
you change how you view yourself and go about your daily routine. The world is at your fingertips and you are able to take on whatever it throws your way.

Additionally, when your confidence increases after losing a few pounds, you’re poised to keep losing. So the confidence you gain gives you what you need to lose more weight
and feel even more confident.

Big Benefit #2: Money

It may be difficult to understand how losing weight saves you money, but it happens. How? Because one of the best ways to trim pounds is to cut down on the amount of
calories you consume every day. When you start eating and drinking fewer calories, that means you don’t have to buy as much food or high-calorie drinks. Additionally, losing
weight may make it possible to stop taking certain medications, which will help save you even more money.

On top of that, when you lose weight, you get a boost of confidence. (See previous point.) That boost of confidence will change how you handle yourself at work, helping you
make the right impression on your boss, so you can get the promotion you need.

Big Benefit #3: Better Health Now

Go to the doctor with some sort of health condition, and unless it’s the common cold or flu, losing a few pounds can almost always help you manage the condition better. From
diabetes to heart disease to joint pain, trimming the fat from your body gives you a heads up right now. Cutting fat makes it easier to get around on your joints, reduces your
blood pressure, and helps you sleep better.

As additional perks, less fat today means better sleep and better sex tonight. Since both of these improve your quality of life, taking the time necessary to shave off fat will give
you the best life you could experience!

Big Benefit #4: Better Health Later

Today isn’t the only time your health will improve if you lose some fat. Shed some pounds and you’ll reap the rewards for years down the road. Instead of having to manage a
variety of health conditions, you will be able to keep those conditions at bay. A few health issues you can cut your risk for by cutting fat are diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, a
variety of cancers, high blood pressure, and dementia. In other words, get rid of the fat today and you can avoid all the health issues in the future that requires fat loss for
maximum management.

Big Benefit #5: Everything Tastes Better

As you settle into your new fat-burning lifestyle that includes eating healthily and working out regularly, you’ll notice something. Because you no longer overeat at the buffet or go
for a second or third helping, you will begin enjoying every bite that you take. As the bite sits in your mouth, you won’t swallow it before tasting or chewing. You will take your time
and really savor the flavor.

And when you do start chewing your food and enjoying the flavors, your brain will have time to register when you’re full and cut you off before you stuff yourself with more
calories than you can burn. Do this regularly and you’ll lose even more fat!

I’ve dedicated my career to helping people, just like you, conquer their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating. I know that a healthy life is within your
reach – I’ve seen hundreds of my clients before you do it, and I’ll see hundreds after you do it. Today it’s your turn.

Call or email now to get started on an exercise program that will make fat burning second nature, and will transform your body for the best.

FREE BOXING/ Kickboxing class, tonight, and every Thursday, 615pm.

Absolutely no fee or membership required. More intense, more fun, and better results, than the gym you pay for.

Followed by Boot Camp Cardio conditioning 715pm. Friday- Boot Camp 6am, Boxing 715am.

Peak Physique Personal Training and Weight Loss in Nanuet, NY- Rockland County.
No Excuses.

August 10, 2015
Can you relate to this scenario? After putting it off for too long, you commit to get fit—only to find yourself injured the minute you start working out.

All of the sudden your fitness goals go back on the shelf and you are left to deal with the pain.

Whether your injury occurs right off the bat or after years of regular workouts the result is always the same. It is discouraging, painful and downright depressing.

And since studies suggest that up to 38% of all exercisers suffer from an injury each year, it is a subject worth exploring.

Top 3 Workout Injuries
The following three ailments occur commonly among active people. Let's explore the cause of each and then detail your very own injury prevention plan—because let's face it,
you simply don't have time to spend nursing and injury (and losing all that progress you had made).

1. Strain / Pulled Muscle: occurs when a tendon (connects muscle to bone) or muscle is stretched or torn. If you suffer from a strain you will feel pain and swelling in the
muscle belly, or loss of function if the strain occurred in a tendon. Many strains occur as the result of an improper warm-up and insufficient stretching.

2. Sprain: occurs when a ligament (connects bone to bone) is stretched or torn. While this can happen to any ligament in your body, the most common placements of sprains
are in the ankle, wrist and knee. Often this injury will happen suddenly as the ligament is stretched beyond its normal limit, usually during a fall or other acute trauma.

3. Low Back Pain: it is said that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives—and the list of causes is as diverse as the sufferers themselves.
Here are the main reasons for workout related back pain:

Improper form: Similar to bad posture, using improper form while performing weight bearing exercises will leave your back sore and aching. The good news is that once your
form is corrected this pain should subside after a healing period.
Weak muscles: If you have a desk job then chances are your deep back muscles are inactive and unconditioned. When you start an exercise program, but fail to properly
strengthen these muscles, the result is often an aching back.
Strained muscles: Not to pick on that desk job, but another result of sitting all day is tight back muscles. When these muscles are not properly warmed up and stretched before
exercise begins, muscle strains occur.
Your 5-Step Injury Prevention Plan
Injuries don't have to slow you from meeting your fitness goals. The following 5 steps will dramatically reduce your chance of injury and if you do find yourself injured, but have
been following these 5 steps, your recovery will be quick and efficient.

Step 1: Stretch
What is more boring than stretching? You want to exercise, not sit around touching your toes—right? Even though it isn't exciting, stretching is the best way to increase muscle
elasticity and durability. Tight muscles are big contributors to strains—remember? Take the time to stretch everyday before and after your workout to stave off injury.

Step 2: Warm Up
Preparing for your workout should not begin and end with putting on your gym clothes. Your muscles need to be coaxed into motion by way of a 10-15 minute warm up in order
to prepare them for injury-free use. Cold muscles are less elastic and are therefore more prone to tears.

Step 3: Proper Gear
For most fitness enthusiasts proper gear has everything to do with their shoes. Don't be fooled—not just any shoe will do. Find shoes that offer support and traction for your
exercise of choice, and make sure that they aren't too tight or too loose. If you are prone to ankle injuries then try a pair of high-tops for extra support.

Step 4: Lifestyle
Stop for a moment and think about your car—if you don't maintain it with regular tune ups, oil changes and quality fuel then you can't expect it to perform well on the road. The
same applies to your body. Getting healthy amounts of sleep, eating well balanced meals and staying hydrated will all contribute to your performance during exercise. The
healthier your lifestyle is the less likely you are to suffer an injury.

Step 5: Condition
This may seem like the most obvious step to injury prevention, but unfortunately it is the most overlooked. People who keep their bodies in top condition by exercising regularly
and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the least likely to injure themselves. When exercise programs are started and stopped sporadically your muscles are most likely to
become injured.

Of course being conditioned also has another great benefit that everyone enjoys - you get to look and feel great! And who doesn't what that, right?

The ultimate injury prevention plan is to work with me, your qualified fitness expert! Together we will explore proper technique and will craft a plan for your unique fitness goals.

Wouldn't you love to see awesome results before this summer comes to an end? Simply reply to this email or call me today to get started. It's time to take action and get the
results that you deserve!

January 7, 2015
The UFC fights this weekend between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, didnt really come down to actual fighting skills, fighting techniques, or overall MMA.  It really came down
to conditioning, who had more in the gas tank, in the 4th and 5th championship rounds.

December 22, 2014
MMA conditioning training is not just for professional mixed martial arts fighters.  These types of high intensity workouts would be great for all combat sports, especially High
school wrestling.  Use your strength and conditioning as a weapon on the wrestling mat.  Wrestling conditioning workouts will get you in the best fighting competition shape

December 8, 2014
Dont miss our fitness Boxing / Kickboxing classes.  This training session is the best way to get in shape and lose weight, burning tons of calories.  Although it is a fitness
class, we are still using proper boxing technique, as well as practicing real world fighting and self defense technique.  This type of training is great for anyone, professional or
amateur boxer, mma fighter, or just a regular person that wants to get in shape, learn to box, and have fun while seating like crazy.

May 15, 2014
Looking to train for a specific sport or fighting style? Trying to learn how to punch, kick or counter faster and stronger than ever before? We have the most intense sport training
and fighting training circuits in all of Rockland County. Call a personal trainer today at 845-893-6529.

January 21, 2014
Punch Harder, Kick Faster, Train Like a fighter.  MMA  and Boxing Conditioning, heavy bag drills, defense, counter punching, learn it all.  The most fun, intense, results oriented
boxing, kickboxing classes available in Rockland County.  

January 16th, 2014
You wanna learn how to throw a punch? There is a real art to it, and Peak Physique's highly qualified personal trainers can teach you that art. Call us today at 845-893-6529
and learn about MMA training, sports conditioning, boxing and kickboxing classes, bootcamps and even jujitsu. We do it all. THAT is our specialty. NO EXCUSES

January 15th, 2014
Need to learn self defense? Interested in recreational, amateur or even professional fighting? Want a place where you can SMASH all of your problems into a heavy bag? Peak
Physique Personal Training studio is the answer! We specialize in boxing and have privately taught MMA, Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai for over 10 years. We know how to
put the 'umph' in your fists. Peak Physique Personal Training is the premier private fighting training studio in Rockland County, Bergen County and Westchester County. No
other gym has the personalized atmosphere we provide. Let us prove it. Call 845-893-6529 to find out more about the #1 Boxing and Fighting studio in Rockland County NY!

January 14th, 2014
Hey fighters or anyone looking to learn how to fight! WE CAN TRAIN YOU! Our personal trainers are masters of jujitsu, kick boxing, MMA, boxing, wrestling, grapple techniques
and more. Call us at 845-893-6529 and start fighting TODAY.

January 13, 2014
FIGHTERS...PEAK PHYSIQUE CAN TRAIN YOU! Our private instructors are well versed in MMA, boxing and kickboxing. We train beginners, intermediates AND ADVANCED
FIGHTERS! Wanna learn how to fight, or just blow off some steam and get an intense workout? Call us today! 845-893-6529 best fighting gym in rockland county

Janurary 9th, 2014
Call Peak Physique today if you're looking to get into conditioning for any sport, fighting, or you're just looking to get out some aggression. We've dealt with clients from all over
the spectrum and we can help you achieve your fitness goals. NO EXCUSES.

January 8th, 2014
We can train anyone, beginner, intermediate or advanced, in many fighting styles including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Jujitsu and more. Our trainers are the best in the county
and we can PROVE IT. Call us at 845-893-6529 and start training today, no excuses!

December 26th, 2013
Call us NOW and learn how we can train you to be an expert at Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujitsu and more. Reserve your spot with one of Peak Physique's elite
private trainers today. 845-893-6529

December 19th, 2013
FREE boxing is off the handle tonight so where you at? We have a full crowd and the bags are getting decimated by fast hands. You need to be one of those hands. Get fit for
the Holidays with Peak Physique boxing. Unless of course you're scared.

September 30, 2013
Saturday's Boot Camp, Boxing class was ridiculous.  It was a circuit designed for MMA conditioning, but it works great for any one, no matter what your health and fitness goals
are.  Squat Thrust to Punching combo, Sprawl to a dummy slam, Rope machine pulls with high knees, DB Squat Thrust with kicks, and slider knee Tuck ab circles.  Video is on
Youtube.  Ridiculous Fight Training Conditioning.

September 17, 2013
Our MMA Conditioning Training, is not just for professional fighters, it is for anyone looking to get in the best shape of their lives.  Flipping tires, slamming sledgehammers,
whipping Battle ropes, punching , kicking, Jumping rope..all great for combat sports conditioning, but also great for everyone looking to take their training to the next level.  We
don't only train you to fight, we train you to fight harder.  Rockland County's number 1 mma, boxing, kickboxing classes for conditioning.

September 6, 2013
FREE Boxing / Kickboxing group fitness class last night was ridiculous.  Over 30 warriors, punching, kicking, kneeing, sweating it out.  Fighting with every bit of energy left in
them.  Its not just a class for conditioning professional fighters, anyone looking to learn basic fighting techniques, or just fitness and weight Loss.  Rockland County Boxing
classes, FREE.

August 28, 2013
Boxing / Kicboxing class was insane, and intense, this morning.  We were working on counter punching drills, footwork, defense, head movement, and big power punches.  
Don't forget about our FREE Boxing class tomorrow, and every Thursday night, at 615pm.  We are the only Training Center in Rockland County, offering FREE group fitness
classes, every week.

August 22, 2013
We are offering a free Training camp, for any amateur or professional, Boxer, Kickboxer, or MMA fighter, with a scheduled fight coming up in the next 12 weeks.  we will provide
FREE strength and conditioning training, to help prepare for your combat sport.  If you want to achieve maximum results, in your performance for your MMA fight, come get
conditioning training for free.  A FREE full 8 week fight camp.

August 19, 2013
If you are a fighter, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and you are looking for INSANE, cardio and combat conditioning, look no further.  We are the ideal training
center to help you train conditioning for your fight or combat sport.  You will be so strong and well conditioned, it will be an unfair advantage.  Faster Punches, Harder Kicks,
more powerful takedowns, and a gas tank that will never quit.  Get in the best fighting shap of your life.  NO EXCUSES.

January 16, 2012

Here are 2 versions of the round by round fight review, from Rashid's MMA fight this wekend.

Review #1
Heavyweight Bout
Smash Evans Vs. Erik Gendron
New Jersey’s Evans is a very jacked big man.
Round 1:
Crazy action to begin the bout. Fights clinch against the cage. They reset and trade strikes. Evans gets the takedown and strikes from 1/2 guard. Erik looks for the triangle from
his back. Close round
N.E.MMA NEWS scores it for Evans.

Round 2:
Erik gets the takedown this time and strikes from half-guard. He moves to full mount. Evans uses pure muscle to get to top position and puts Erik on his back again. Gendron
immidiately looks to remain active off his back, looking for submissions.
N.E.MMA NEWS scores it for Evans.

Round 3:
Evans lands a big shot and rocks Gendron. Erik gets a takedown, and moves to mount against the cage. Referee makes an odd decision to stand the fighters, even though
Gendron is in a dominate, finish position.
N.E.MMA NEWS scores it for Evans

Review #2
Fight 5: HW Smash Evans Vs. Erik Gendron(Wai Kru)

Evans comes out to Puff Daddy and the Family-Victory and Erik comes out to David Bowie-Let's Dance. Smash gets the takedown but Erik sweeps and gets in some
ground and pound. They both stand and Smash is working a takedown up against the cage. Erik pushes him off and they are back standing. Erik misses with a leg kick
and Evans gets the single leg takedown. Evans is working the guard but Erik looks very comfortable on the bottom. Erik is working a triangle but its very hard to get
your leg around Evans back.

Evans 10-9

Rd 2: Erik goes for a takedown and picks him up but Smash defends well. Erik eventually gets it and is now on top in full mount. Evans sweeps and is now on top in the
guard. Erik is twisting trying to get out but Evans punches him back down.

Erik 10-9

Rd 3: They are standing and banging now. Evans gets in a good right hand is is working a guillotine in the sprawl position. Both fighters look exhausted. Erik gets the
takedown and is on top on full mount. The ref stands them up after 20 seconds of nothing going on. Great decision ref!! Evans gets in a nice combo to the head. Erik
works the single leg but the round ends.

Evans 10-9
Personal Training
Boot Camp
Boxing Classes
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Boxing Kickboxing Class, Fight Conditioning Training, Rockland County
Boxing , Kickboxing Group class, after conditioniong training, Rockland County
MMA Conditioning, Boot Camp Class Rockland County, Thurlus with Dummy Slams
Boxing Conditioning Class, Kickboxing and MMA circuit training class, Rockland County
Personal Training, Boot Camp, Boxing Rockland County Logo
Boxing and MMA Conditioning training in rockland County NY
Best Kickboxing Boxing Class in Rockland County NY, Pics from last night
kickboxing, Boxing class Rockland County, group fitness training
Boxing, Kickboxing, mma conditioning class, heavy bag punching drills
kickboxing heavy bag drills, workout class in nanuet, NY rockland county
Free Boxing Class on Thursday, at Nanuet Gym. Heavy Bag punch drills
Kickboxing class in Rockland County gym, Gerald hitting knees on heavy bag workout
mma and boxing conditioning training dummy ground and pound fighting, rockland county gym
No Excuses
Boxing training class private workouts, in Nanuet Gym
Peter Francovilla has over 20 years of Martial Arts training, and is certified as a full instructor of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) under Paul Vunak of
Progressive Fighting Systems.  He has a legitimate lineage of instruction that can be traced back directly to Bruce Lee, the founder of Jeet Kune Do.  (Bruce Lee>Dan
Inosanto>Paul Vunak>Peter Francovilla) He is a Senior Full Instructor at New York Fight Club, and holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in FMA (Lakan Dalawa) under Bill Pavlik.  
He has additional training in FMA and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu under Guy Velella at Velella Martial Arts.

Peter's goal is to teach techniques that are Simple, Direct and Effective in a real-world encounter.  JKD training stresses that each student is an individual, with their own
strengths and weaknesses.  Each student's expression of the art will be different.  Age, size, strength and flexibility are just some of the factors that SHOULD influence how a
student trains in the Martial Arts.  Students are encouraged to "Absorb what is useful, Discard what is useless, and Add what is specifically their own."
MMA, self defense conditioning class, Rockland County, Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing
MMA Conditioning, self defense fighting class, Jeet Kune Do Rockland County, Boxing Sparring pic
MMA, Boxing, BJJ jujtsu conditioning workout tire flip exercise, Rockland location GYm, Steve
Self Defense Fighting Conditioning class, MMA, Boxing Kickboxing Techniques with Peter
Liscensed USA Boxing Coach, Trainer, and cornerman, right here in local Nanuet, NY, Rockland County Boxing Training gym. Amateur and Professional Boxers, Kickboxers, and MMA Fighter Training, Strength and
Conditioning. Also weight Loss and weight cutting for High School wrestlers, college wrestlers, and fighters.
Raw Strength
MMA and Boxing Functional Training core and ab strength Rockland Fight gym
Self Defense - Jeet Kune Do, MMA, Kali- Real world womes self defense program,.