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Harbinger fitness has a wide selection of exercise gloves and fitness equipment.  The website goes into detail on all of the
equipment as well as the location of stores where you can find their products.  We are an authorized dealer for Harbinger
so you can select items off of the website and order through us for a great discount off of the store retail prices
This is the website for the real world self defense and fighting school which I train at in Mahwah, NJ.  All I can say is check
this out if you want to learn how to fight, compete, or just an alternate method of getting an amazing workout.  Tons of
Amateur and professional fighters, with a top notch instructor, Phil Dunlap.  Whether your training for MMA, kickboxing,
grappling tournaments, this is the Number one spot in the area to prepare for your combat sports competition.
Here are some of the links that we like and find useful.
BMI Calculator
This link will explain and calculate your Body Mass Index.  This number is
only useful for evaluating certain individuals.  For example If someone has
more than average amount of muscle mass, they will be considered
overweight for their height according to The BMI.    
Target Heart Rate Calculator
BMR Calculator
This is a link explaining and calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate.  This is
letting you know about how many calories you should take in each day
according to your personal lifestyle.
Calorie Counter
This link will give the approximate amount of calories you personally burn
for a wide range of exercise and daily activities.  This combined with the
BMR calculator can help you set realistic weight loss goals
Calorie Counter 2
Sleep Calculator
This link will let you know if you are getting enough sleep according to your
personal lifestyle and tendencies.
Gear Advisor
Here you can get an idea of some of the equipment and gear you might
need to assist you in achieving personal goals or certain activities.
Longevity Game
This is a fun yet helpful link calculating how long you are expected to live
according to your current lifestyle.  You can see how certain aspects of your
life can certainly help to increase your lifespan, and help you feel younger
with time.  Everyday you should plan to be more healthy and fit tomorrow as
you are today.
National Federation Of Professional Trainers
This is the official website of our National certification agency.  Here you can see what we are about and what to expect
from our trainers.  We feel NFPT is the highest standard of Certified Personal Trainers in the country.  You can also
check here if you are looking to get certified as a personal trainer.
Exercise and Health Tests
Test your knowledge in a variety of fitness and health related quizzes.
Ab Quiz
Body Glossary
Helpful Lists and Misc Info
Calorie Calculator for Men
Body Fat Calculator
There are more accurate ways to measure your body composition, but on a
computer, this is the best way to get a ballpark figure.  For individuals with
more than normal amounts of muscle, the number will read a bit high.
Calorie Calculator for Women
Carb Quiz 1
Carb Quiz 2
Carb Counter- Fruits and Vegetables
Daily Activity and Meal Log 1
Daily Food Log
Daily Food Log 2
Diabetic Free Food List
Carb Counter- All Foods
Activity Finder
A cool tool to help you figure out some new activities that you might
enjoy, based on your personal preferences.
Activity Database
Fitness Glossary
Food Exchange List
Protein Calculator
Target Weight Calculator
Waist to Hip Ratio
General Fitness Quiz
Peanut Quiz
- Just for fun
Personal Fitness Profile
Overweight Quiz
Weight Loss Quiz
Fitness and Exercise Quiz
Career Stress Test
Motivation Test
Self Confidence/ Image Test
Snack Quiz
Eating Habits Quiz
Body Shape Assessment
Exercise Readiness Assessment
Ideal Body Measurements
Nutrition Guide Chart
Nutrition Log
Nutrition Quiz
One Rep Max Calculator
Mens Health Quiz
Supplement Quiz
Food Label Info
Weight Maintenance -Men
Weight Maintenance -Women
Walking Quiz
Stress Test
Fitness Lifestyle/ Habits Test
Sensible Eater Test
Health Age
Your health age is basically telling you how well you are
maintaining your body according to your current lifestyle.  You
could be 25 with a health age of 50, or 65 with a health age of 35.
This is a business networking group that Peak Physique is associated with
in Rockland County.
Client Testimonials
MMA Recruiter
This website was designed as FREE resource to help the fighters of Mixed Martial Arts get their careers started and to help
the sport grow in a positive direction. We help fighters find fights, gain exposure, and find sponsorships.

MMA Recruiter.com is here to help the up and comers of the sport become the champions of tomorrow. Everyone deserves
the same equal opportunity to get started in this great and wonderful sport. We hope that others will join in on our network
to give back to the fighters that have given us so much. With everyone’s help and support we can assure that MMA will be
around for years to come.
Peak Physique is also associated with ProMetroNet, a premier business networking group located in Rockland
County.  These are some pictures from an open networking night where Peak Physique did a presentation on living
a healthy lifestyle for the busy business owners.  You can check them out on the web at                                       , for
more details, and any upcoming events.