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November 30, 2015
Stop Making Excuses...Start Seeing Results

Why aren't you at your goal weight today?

It's not like you started your fitness journey yesterday...this has been a goal that you've been working towards for years.

So why haven't you achieved it yet?

Now listed really closely to all the reasons that are popping into your mind right now. Grab a pen and paper and jot them down.

These reasons you're giving for failing to reach your goal are really very clever excuses. So clever that you convinced yourself that they were legit.

That's right. You're not at your ideal weight at this moment because you've given in to excuses.

I can understand your frustration because those excuses that you cling to tend to be very convincing.

Now it's time to push your frustration aside and to really focus in on your goal. If you lose focus on your goal for even a second, excuses will take over –
leaving you without progress and without the sweet satisfaction of accomplishment.

Here are the 3 Steps to Destroy Excuses...

Step One: Make A Plan
There's huge benefit to having a step-by-step plan when working toward a goal. Write out exactly how many times you'll exercise per week, for how
long, and make a list of acceptable foods. This plan will be your follow-along-guide to arrive at your goal, so put a lot of thought into it.

Feel free to reach out to me for help with this step. I'd love to get you set up with the right plan to reach your goal.

Step Two: Have Accountability
Your next insurance against excuses is to enlist as much accountability as possible. Try to find people who will actively check up on you (like me!)
rather than people who aren't likely to follow up on your progress. Share your detailed plan with these accountability partners and explain the
importance that your goal has for you.

Feel free to reach out to me for help with this step as well. I'm a professional at keeping my clients accountable!

Step Three: Set a Deadline
All good things must come to an end, and so does the journey to your ideal body. How long should the process take? Well, that's up to your unique
situation: 1) How much fat you have to lose, and 2) How hard you are willing to work to get there. Find a reasonable timeframe in which to accomplish
your goal, then focus all your energy on meeting this deadline.

Call or email me today—I'd love to sit down with you to go over your best plan to get you into amazing shape.

Together let's finally make it happen for you. Better late than never, right?

Talk soon!

Jon Gabriel was stuck.

At nearly 410 pounds, he had tried every diet imaginable – with no luck.

No matter what approach he took to lose weight, his body would fight him, and he would inevitably end up heaver than before.

Then one day he had a light bulb-over-the-head "ah-hah" moment: His body wanted to be fat, and as long as it wanted to be fat, there was nothing he
could do to lose weight.

If you've struggled for any length of time with weight loss, then you know the frustration that Gabriel felt in that moment. He was at war with his body.

In the two years following Gabriel's "ah-hah" moment, he lost over 220 pounds naturally, without surgery or counting calories. His incredible journey is
recounted in his book The Gabriel Method.

One of the key components to his success was that he identified and addressed the mental and emotional reasons that his body felt safe being
overweight. Once these issues were eliminated, the weight began to fall off.

The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight
According to Gabriel, your body wants to be fat anytime it decides that being fat is the best way to keep you safe. Once your body understands that
being thin is the best way to keep you safe, your body will want to be thin and the weight will fall off.

This all ties into our survival instincts to protect us from starvation, freezing to death or being eaten.

In our modern world you have different worries than being chased by a lion, but even modern stress about paying your bills create the exact same
chemical signals that are produced when you are starving or freezing. This convinces your body that you need to be fat in order to be safe.

When you approach weight loss from the outside in, you overlook mental and emotional threats that can confuse your body into thinking that being fat
can help keep you safe. Here are four such threats:
1.Fear of Scarcity: When you spend your time in fear that you don't have enough money then you send a message to your body that resources are
limited. The only resource that your body recognizes is food – and storing fat is how your body saves up.
2.Emotional Obesity: At a subconscious level you may have the association that being fat makes you feel safer, or that it is serving another emotional
need. In this case your body is simply trying to protect you; it is making you feel safer emotionally.
3. Mental Starvation: Though your body only recognizes physical starvation, you can also be suffering from emotional or mental starvation. This could
be a desire for love, joy, fun, intimacy, or a deeper spiritual connection. Any mental or emotional longing can send the same chemical signals in your
brain that physical starvation causes.
4.Dysfunctional Beliefs: If you believe that you were meant to be fat, or deserve to be fat, or if you view weight loss as impossible, then your body will
obey by refusing to lose weight. Change your dysfunctional beliefs first and then weight loss will become simple.

Exercise was a big part of Gabriel's remarkable weight loss journey. Once he broke through the mental and emotional reasons for his obesity, his body
craved activity.

Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey? I'm here to help.

Call or email today to get started on a program that will transform your life forever – just like Gabriel.

August 10, 2015
What You Can Learn From Cavemen

How would you like to be naturally lean, muscular and energetic? To effortlessly maintain a low body fat, rippling muscles and picturesque health?

Mark Sisson, an athlete, coach, and student on a lifelong quest for exceptional health, happiness, and peak performance (his words), penned the book,
"The Primal Blueprint" to show you how to do just that.

At 55, he weighs 165 pounds with 8 percent body fat, eats as much food as he pleases, and rarely gets sick. He also says he's healthier, fitter, happier
and more productive than ever.

So what is Mark's secret?

In his words, "Modeling your 21st-century life after our primal hunter-gather ancestors will help you greatly reduce or eliminate almost all of the disease
risk factors that you may falsely blame on genes you inherited from your parents

Weight loss does not have to involve the suffering, sacrifice, and deprivation we've been conditioned to accept but instead is a matter of eating the right
foods (plants and animals), avoiding the wrong foods (processed carbs—including grains—and trans and partially hydrogenated fats), and exercising
strategically, for far fewer hours than you might assume, to reach your desired fitness goals."

Here are The Ten Primal Blueprint Laws:

Law #1: Eat Lots of Plants and Animals
The bulk of the caveman diet is animal protein (organic, free-range, or wild sources of meat, fowl, and fish), a plethora of colorful veggies and fruits,
and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, their derivative butters, certain oils, and avocados).

Law #2: Avoid Poisonous Things
For the caveman this meant staying away from poisonous plants. For you this means staying away from sugars, sodas, chemically altered fats,
processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods. It also means cutting out grains.

Law #3: Move Frequently at a Slow Pace
The caveman spent several hours each day moving around at a low-level aerobic pace. This helped develop strong bones, joints, and connective

Law #4: Lift Heavy Things
Frequent bursts of intense physical effort were a daily part of the caveman's life. Biochemical signals would be triggered that prompted improvements
and adaptations in muscle tone, size and power.

Law #5: Sprint Once in a While
For the caveman a fast sprint meant the difference between being eaten and staying alive. Little did he know that those sprints were helping to increase
his energy levels, improve athletic performance and minimize the effects of aging by promoting the release of testosterone and human growth hormone.

Law #6: Get Adequate Sleep
The rising and setting of the sun dictated the length of the caveman's day. For us things are a bit trickier. Adequate sleep helps the immune system
work optimally, and promotes the release of hormones that enhance brain and endocrine function.

Law #7: Play Without a TV or computer to entertain himself, the caveman would engage in hours of leisurely outdoor play. Relaxed play releases
endorphins and provides a balance for mental stress.

Law #8: Get Adequate Sunlight
It's impossible to obtain adequate vitamin D from diet alone. Getting regular sun exposure allows for proper vitamin D production, critical for healthy cell

Law #9: Avoid Stupid Mistakes
Observation and self-preservation were key factors in the survival of a caveman. Today's world is full of distractions that leave us oblivious and
careless. Take, for example, texting while driving.

Law #10: Use Your Brain
The human brain separates us from the animals. Intellectual stimulation is an important part of healthy brain function.

Rave Reviews: Despite its stringent requirements, the caveman diet is converting new followers by the boatload. Most people report losing 10 or more
pounds in their first month and that they no longer feel bloated and sleepy after meals.

Should You Jump on the Primal Bandwagon? So, in light of the evidence, should you put down your whole wheat bagel and low fat cream cheese in
exchange for a hunk of meat and pile of veggies?

Hold your horses.

Though the caveman diet has been proven to promote weight loss, times have changed. Could you really practice all of the Primal Laws while
maintaining your modern life?

Yeah... I didn't think so.

So, where do you go from here? You want to lose weight, to protect yourself from disease and to look and feel great.

A great solution, that doesn't require drastic change, is to take 3 bits of advice from the caveman—advice that will promote weight loss, decrease your
risk of disease and will get you looking and feeling great.

1. Make Plants and Animals the Focus of Your Diet: This will quickly lead to weight loss and increased energy. Don't be so hard on yourself that
everything you put in your mouth has to be caveman approved – but make it the majority of your diet.

2. Cut Out Processed Food: The simplest way to promote weight loss and to encourage good health is to eliminate processed foods from your diet.
When you replace processed foods with fresh produce your results will be immediate. Not only will you feel healthier, you will have more energy than
you'll know what to do with! * Want to eat a Caveman approved dinner? Check out my recipe below*

3. Exercise: Since you will need an outlet for all that extra energy, acquire a new hobby—one that gets you moving. Have you ever met a lazy caveman?
Of course not. (And this is not just because you were born a few centuries too late!) Cavemen were forced to be active in order to survive. Hunt dinner.
Build a fire. Move a fallen tree. Create shelter. You get the idea If you want a lean, muscular body then exercise must become a part of your daily life.

This is where I come in. Let's meet one-on-one to design an exercise program that will fit your unique goals.

Call or email today to get started.

December 8, 2014
Call our fitness trainers now, for a completely free consultation, evaluation, and nutrition assessment.  We can help you determine what step you need
to take in order to achieve all your health and fitness related goals.  Personal training is available 24 hours a day and group classes are on a set
schedule.  Call or stop by our new training studio/ gym at 233 w. Rt. 59, Nanuet, NY 10954.

August 14, 2014
Call our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers now, to schedule your FREE Health and Fitness Consultation and Diet and Nutrition Evaluation.  We will
help you determine which type of training package will suit you best, to fit your schedule, budget, and all your personal fitness goals  Peak Physique
Personal Training, Boot Camp, Boxing  No Excuses  

January 16th, 2014
Struggling with your weight? Want to transform an unhealthy life into an energy filled one? Call one our experienced fitness coaches today at 845-893-
6529. Our JOB is to help you transform. Let us do our job, no excuses, call today!

January 15th, 2014
Hey, stop eating those fries! Call 845-893-6529 TODAY and learn about the best personal training, bootcamp, boxing, MMA conditioning training in
Rockland, Bergen and Westchester counties!!! NO EXCUSES ONLY RESULTS!!!!!

Janurary 14, 2014
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January 13th, 2014
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January 9th, 2014
We're still waiting for those calls. We know you need to put in some effort to drop that weight, and if you sign up with any of our qualified trainers, we
guarantee we will push you to your limits. Call us today at 845-893-6529 and find out why Peak Physique is the best option for any of your fitness

January 8th, 2013
You made New Years Resolutions, right? You're gonna drop the weight, right? Well the truth is, doing it alone is tough, which is why you need to call
any of our skilled trainers here at Peak Physique. We will push you to your limits every session and we can give you the results you desire. Don't wait
around for an opportunity you think might pop up. Seize this one. We are experts in weight loss, fat loss, conditioning, hard cardio, boxing and
kickboxing, and much more. CALL US!!!

September 30, 2013
Contact any of our Personal Trainers NOW.  Peak Physique has the Best selection of Fitness Professionals in the Rockland County and Bergen County
area.  We specialize in Sports Conditioning, Building Muscle, Weight Loss, Figure and Fitness competitions, nutritional counseling, diet ans
supplementation.  We also have the areas top Boxing and Kickboxing instructors, as well as the most motivating Fitness Trainers around.  Come check
out how we do it, any you will be wondering how you every trained at any other gym, instead of at Peak Physique Personal Training, Boot Camp, Boxing.
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