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My name is Stefanie. This is what my typical Saturday morning would consist of: The alarm clock would go off. My husband, Rob, would wake
up and give me a kiss good morning. Then he would get out of bed and go off to the gym. About an hour and a half later, he would come into
the bedroom with a cup of coffee for me, so I would get out of bed, and we could start our day. Of course, first I would have to relax on the
couch and drink the coffee, so I have some energy to get in the shower and do whatever we had planned for the day. And, of course, the
coffee would eventually wear off and I would be fatigued... or just get another cup.

I am 33 years old and have always gone through phases of exercise and eating habits, never really reaching my ideal level of fitness, but
always feeling it was good enough. Rob, is 41 and has always had a strict regimen of cardio, weightlifting, and diet. We both go to separate
gyms and have very different workout schedules. In the past, we had tried to go to the gym together, but I ended up feeling like I was on such
a different level than him that I felt fat and weak. I wouldn't feel encouraged by his superior level of fitness, but rather it made me feel moody
and negative.... therefore, not a good workout partner. I would want to leave while he was just getting warmed up. So, I accepted that
exercise was just not something we would share in our relationship.
That was before we found Peak Physique Outdoor Group Exercise, or as
we call it, Steve's "Boot Camp". On the first day Steve said,
"We start together and we finish together." Of course, I initially thought that
sounded ridiculous. How was I going to keep up with Rob. And how was Rob going to keep up with the teenagers. Yeah, he is in excellent
shape, but he's twice the age as some of them. In addition to that, I was thinking I might not finish at all. I thought I would give it a try, get tired
halfway through, and sit on the side while I waited for Rob to be ready to go home. Like I said, we call it Boot Camp, and I am far from being a
Marine. To my amazement,
I not only made it through the entire workout, but we all finished together... as a group. Steve is able to push me
further than I even knew I was capable. When I think I am too tired to go another step, he reminds me that I still have more in me. He doesn't
let me quit, but is responsive to my individual needs, while still being responsive to the
entire group. Rob, Steve, and the group as a whole
encourages me.
I never feel like I am holding them back or that they are wondering what I am doing there... that they are better than me. I
admit that sometimes I hope class is cancelled, but then once I'm there I enjoy it. It's not easy, but somehow,
Steve makes it fun... and look
forward to going back.

This is what my Saturday mornings consist of now: The alarm clock goes off. Rob and I both get out of bed together and get dressed for Boot
Camp. We go to Boot Camp together, and we spend quality time together working out. It's hard, but somehow it's fun. And when it's over, I
feel great. The energy doesn't quickly fade.
Boot Camp is my new Saturday morning cup of coffee, except that the energy I feel now lasts
throughout the entire weekend.

New Jersey
Peak Physique Training Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Steve Eckert
Peak Physique Fitness Center
230 W. Rt. 59
Spring Valley , New York , 10977 United States

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December 26th, 2013

Awesome strength and cardio bootcamps lined up for next week. We both know the holiday weight is gonna keep piling on until after New
Years. We're here to cut that weight down to nothing. Peak Physique's Group Class Instructors are the REAL DEAL. You've never worked out an
hour at this intensity. Call us at 845-893-6529 and ask about our Group Classes. AND get yourself to FREE boxing tonight, and every Thursday
night, at 615PM. It's FREE. NO EXCUSES.